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Scandinavian Design Tear Drop Candles/ Druppelkaars Druppel kaarsen (CC-CP-TP)



Festive Tear Drop Candles are great for this time of the year. Influenced by the natural shapes of these candles are contemporary but yet timeless. The candles are hand made and have a footed base so that they fit into most candle holders with nozzles of 18mm-25mm

These Scandinavian candles have a very low oil content, which is not only better for the environment; it also means that they burn without smell. Due to their high melting point, they last longer - and they don't melt in the sun.

Burning time: 12-14hrs
Brandtijd: 12-14uur

The candleholders shown in the pictures ar from WMF. They can be found under the heading factory.




1 ] Teardrop candle: standard colour
Available standard colours: bright red. (standaard kleuren: rood)
Price per piece E 4.95 now E 8.95 for a pair Burning time: 15 hours, size height: 18 cm, diameter:circa 5 cm (widest point).
2 ] Teardrop candle: metallic colour
Available metallic colours: gold, silver. (metallic kleuren: goud, zilver)
Price per piece E 5.95 now E 9.95 for a pair Burning time: 15 hours, size height: 18 cm, diameter:circa 5 cm (widest point).

The prices quoted for the candles is inclusive VAT.
All prices are in Euros.
Alle genoemde prijzen zijn in euros en inclusief btw.

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