Cast iron candle holders: very collectible!

On this page you will find exceptional written articles concerning cast iron candleholders. Rob has updated all his previous articles to include new finds, aquisitions and even more information; believe it or not!

There are 5 documents that you can read (version 2019), they are highlighted in red text where you can download the pdf.

Dansk Design cast iron candle holders (pdf 13.1MB)

We welcome you to the world of cast iron candle holders in which Rob brings us up to date with the designs of the wonderful world of cast iron candle holders.

So please enjoy and Rob is always glad to hear from any of you

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Collecting cast iron has been for about 35 years my passion. I started with objects dating from the 19th century, but suddenly I found beautiful designs from the 20th century, with many highlights after WW2. Because of the wide range of models, Dansk Designs have become my favorites.
Dansk Designs……………

Dansk look-a-like candle holders (Pdf 11MB)
Robert Welch and his Cast Iron Candle Holders (Pdf 2MB)
Japanese cast iron candle holders inspired by Dansk (Pdf 4MB)
Holmgren Cast iron candle holders (Pdf 807kb)


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