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13, 14 and 15 December 2007: Kerstmarkt Dordrecht: Historisch Centrum.
(Klik hier voor een foto impressie).
Christmas market Dordrecht, Holland: historical centre, (click here for short photo impression).

CandlePower NEWS June 2006. We've been busy in the background making changes to the website which makes the site much easier to navigate. Let us know your opinion. We are working on bringing more ranges within our candle range that will further compliment the uniqueness of our candle holders. We've also added a sale page where some of the candle holders are discounted with 20%. To be continued.

Annual Collectors Fair in Utrecht.

In April we took part in the Annual Collectors Fair in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We really had fun meeting new people including avid collectors of candlesticks.
It was great to see people actually handling the pieces and seeing them enjoying the pieces from close by, due to the success of this event we are thinking of taking part in the next Annual collectors fair that will take place in December 2006. We also intend to take part in some collectors and /or design fairs in the UK. Keep your eyes posted to the website or send a request if you wish to be kept up to date regarding our activities.
See below for a quick impression of the fair.

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